Eat a banana for breakfast

The Morning Banana Diet is based on Japan’s simplified version of a diet classic, the Banana Diet. Rather than eating banana before every meal, the Morning Banana Diet has you eat bananas for breakfast, with a glass of unchilled water. For lunch and dinner your menu selections are not particularly restricted. You only need to avoid eating past fullness, and use common sense in cutting down on problem foods like fried foods.

There are a few other rules, but overall it’s the simplest diet around. Visit the official site at for more information on the free Morning Banana Diet.

Resistant Starch

If you’ve read about the Morning Banana Diet you’ve probably heard of “resistant starch.” What is resistant starch? Prevention Magazine’s D. Milton Stokes, R.D., calls it “the new power nutrient, nature’s fat-burning breakthrough.” He goes on to say that “Resistant starch is bulky, so it takes up space in your digestive system. And because you can’t digest or absorb it, the starch never enters your bloodstream.” What’s more, “Unlike some types of fiber, resistant starch gets fermented when it reaches the large intestine. This process creates beneficial fatty acids, including one called butyrate, which may block the body’s ability to burn carbohydrates.”

Janine Higgin, Ph.D., of the University of Colorado is quoted by Stokes as saying, “This can prevent the liver from using carbs as fuel and, instead, stored body fat and recently consumed fat are burned.”

Gail Gedan Spencer of has more.

The Dole Nutrition Insitute puts these findings in perspective: “Replacing 5.4 percent of ordinary carbs with resistant starch could boost fat burning by up to 30 percent. Practically speaking that means eating two bananas in the morning could enhance fat burning for hours.”

Wikipedia’s article on resistant starch breaks down the weight management benefits of resistant starch into three categories: (1) fiber fortification (said by the World Health Organization to have convincing evidence showing a protective effect against weight gain and obesity, (2) calorie reduction (resistant starch is used as a flour replacement for this reason), and (3) lipid oxidation (resistant starch helps burn fat and may lead to lower fat accumulation).

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